Ken Coomer Gear

API/Hybrid Console
Pro Tools Native HD/Thunderbolt
96k I/O (2) 16 channels
UAD-2 Satellite
API 8200 Summing Mixer (3)
1976 MCI 16 Track 2″ tape machine JH16

Westlake BBSM-12 pair
Pro Ac studio 100 speakers
Auratone speakers
KEF speakers

API 3124+
API 512c (5)
Coil Audio CA-70 mic pre’s (2)
Neve 511 mic pre (500 series) (6)
Brent Averill Neve mic pre 1272 model
Helios type 69 1R Mic pre/eq (2)
Realios mic pre (500 series)
Lindell mic pre (500 series)
Trident S20 dual mic pre
Ampex 601 mic pre (2)

API 2500 Stereo Bus Compressor
Urei 1176 Compressor
Spectra-sonic 610 Classic
Spectra-sonic V610 Mic Pre/Compressor
Symetrix Compressor 525
DBX 160x Compressor
RNC 1776 Compressor (2)
Altec 1612A Mic Pre/Compressor
Altec 118 and 119 Compressors
BBE 882i sonic maximizer
Alan Smart C2 compressor

API 560 eq (6)
API 550b eq (6)

Nuemann TLM 67
Groove Tubes MD2
SE/Neve mic voc
Mytek drum mics (4)
Akg 4047
Shure SM 57
Shure SM 7
Cascade Fat heads (2)
Stager ribbon mics (2)
Coles 4038 (2)
SE/Neve Voodoo (2)
Nuemann M49

Hi-Tone 30 amp head and cab
60’s Fender Champ amp
50’s Supro Amp (Chicago 51)
40’s Supro Amp
Vox Pathfinder (w/Celestion)
60’s Kay Amp Model 703
50’s Harmony Amp Model H-500
70’s Penncrest Amp Model 8400
Orange Tiny Terror Amp head
Tube Tubby 2×12 Cab
60’s Gibson reverb amp

1959 Harmony Stratotone electric
1919 Gibson L1 acoustic
1932 archtop acoustic
 Gibson J-45
Taylor 812 model
Simon & Patrick parlor
Fender Stratocaster
Epiphone Les Paul
Epiphone acoustic
Danelectro longhorn bass
1967 Fender Music Master bass
Kala Uke Bass

Mellotron Mini
Nord Lead 1 synth
1920 upright piano
Sound City key bass
Rheem key bass
Wurlitzer electric piano 200a
Hammond M1 organ
Fender bass pedals
Roland Hand Sonic 10
Casio Sk1

1950s Grestch 4 piece drum set
1970 Gretsch rosewood 4 piece
1936 Gretsch Broadcasters 4 piece
1930’s Ludwig and Ludwig 5 piece w/civil war mod toms
1995 Slingerland 5 piece
1960’s Gretsch 4 piece drum set
1960’s Rogers 5 piece drum set
20’s Ludwig Black Beauties various sizes
Craviotto snare
30’s Leedy snare
30’s Radio King
80’s Solid Snare
and many more